Fun Things to See and Experience in Pondicherry

“Pondicherry is a small city that may be a less popular place for tourists to visit. But, if you are one of those adventurers who travels with the aim to immerse in a culture and have a better understand of their lifestyle, then put this town right up at the top of your bucket list.”



pondicherry rock beach


Beach Bumming

For a beach lover, Pondicherry beaches are one of the most visited beaches in all of India. It is famous for the long stretch of soft sand and splendid view. There are a lot of beaches in Pondicherry where you can enjoy watersports activities like surfing and scuba diving. The underwater scenery is breathtaking, you wouldn’t want to come out of the water.The beach shore also has multiple activities in the evening and going there is not at all expensive and quite close to affordable hotels.


The Rock Beach

The Rock Beach in Pondicherry has one of the most stunning sunsets in the world. You will find yourself sitting by the shore while anticipating for the world’s colors to momentarily fade from bright orange to a crimson red. The sun, with all its glory and glamour, settles slowly by the horizon and in a few moments the world becomes enclosed in a dark blue tone with glittering stars and the blue moon shining on you.
The number of equally astonishing beaches and shoreline in Pondicherry is too many to enumerate. But whichever beach front you wish to stop over, they will never fail your expectations.


Breathe and Chill

A beautiful beach is great, but with the number tourists gathering to go to the beach, you don’t really get that time by yourself that you’ve always wanted. If you wish to find a place where you can sit still and just contemplate – the backwaters in Pondicherry is just the place for you. You can go to a boathouse by the Chunnabar River and just look into the beautiful landscape of the river and listen to the steady flow of the water to the shore. Otherwise, come along with your significant other to relax and spend some time together with a picnic basket.
The backwater view is exquisite in its own. You will be enraptured even when you visit there alone. The skyline is perfectly paired with the majesty of the horizon. All you need is a chair for you to take a seat, breathe and chill.



Spiritual Seekers

In times that you feel that there is something missing in your life, that you need spiritual enlightenment – whatever you believe in, you will find a good dose of spiritual guidance in Pondicherry. It is home to the most famous attraction for all tourists who seeks spiritual guidance.



Auroville is a town where you can find the “Temple of the Mother” – the heart of the town. The town holds the kind of peace and sanctity that the city or beach can’t offer. There are quite a number of activities there as well that evolves around finding your center, your inner peace. While inside the Temple of the Mother is an unembellished white paint with a massive crystal in the middle. The outside is furnished with golden plates that give you that divine feeling just looking at its architectural structure.
Apart from Auroville, there is also the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Whatever you believe in, you have a place in Pondicherry.


Colorful Ecological Finds

Everywhere in the world, each time you visit a country you always find yourself visiting a botanical garden or a botanical preservation site.


The Pondicherry Botanical Garden

The Pondicherry Botanical Garden is lined with astonishing flower and plant preserve that would put the colors of the rainbow to shame! Inside are beautifully laid flowerbeds next to cascades and springs as you walk along a gravel-lined path.


You can literally get lost in the 22 acres of wonder that is over a hundred and fifty years of age. Prepare to get awed in sight of some of the most exotic plants in the world inside this French-inspired architectural site inside Pondicherry Botanical Garden.


Time Travel

Pondicherry is no stranger to colonization. As a matter of fact, they’ve had a very rich outline of colonization from the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Danes and the British. The colony that had instilled the most influence in Pondicherry, however, are the French
At the moment, still to its pristine shape is the official residence of the Lt. Governor in Pondicherry which used to be a palace during the French settlement in the country. It is well known for its French structures, its parks as well as its gardens together with medieval and contemporary sculptures scattered around the area.


A Full Stomach

One of the primary reasons people travel is not only to see the sights or be consumed with the cultural lifestyle of the country but also to eat. Where there’s good food, there is a flock of tourists. In Pondicherry, you have a rich choice of superb cuisines!
You can start your day with croissants and fruit jam for breakfast and a Niçoise salad or Coq Au Vin for lunch and dinner. The French influence in the Pondicherry cuisine is very strong though that they serve Desi’ South Indian cuisine that has a bit of a French influence in them. The mixture of two very distinct flavors – French and Indian is very delectable that will leave you wanting more even with an already full stomach.


Two Wheels are better than four

Sightseeing in a town has never been easier. Pondicherry is quite small that it’s easy to go to different astonishing places even with just two wheels. The air is fresh and you can better appreciate what you see when you’re on a bicycle. The gorgeous tourist destinations are not that far off with each other and are very effortlessly accessible to all.
Also, being on a bike is better than on four wheels as there is still quite a bit of a traffic in Pondicherry streets despite the small number of population.


Living Life Day By Day

Pondicherry city is not your usual fast-paced city with all the hustles and bustles. There is traffic still but maybe a factor that greatly contributed to a more laid-back and low-key life in the city is because of its charming location by the sea. The place can offer a lot of nearby destination where you can find tranquility and calmness.
You will fall in love with the town’s tall trees and fresh air as pollution is quite alien to the place. If you wish to spend some time with yourself or a loved one, it is the perfect place to slow things down, be intimate and just live in the moment. You will end up wondering how come you’ve never heard of this place before.


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